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    Because the business climate has changed.

    There is an urgent need to keep up with the shifts in customer thinking while saving time and money.

    More companies than ever are turning to online focus groups to stay up-to-date with their customer's mindset. ThoughtNav provides a comprehensive tool for creating and managing the entire process.

    The bottom line: online focus groups cost less and respondents love them. With ThoughtNav's streamlined interface, anyone who has commented on Facebook will have no problems using our app.

  • 1. Recruit

    Qualified respondents via phone or email just like you would for a traditional focus group

    2. Invite

    Invite respondents to take part in the discussion.

    3. Post Questions

    Ask questions over the course of several days as the conversation evolves and probe respondents for details and clarifications when needed.

  • 4. Log In

    Respondents answer each days’ questions whenever it's convenient for them. Being convenient means that respondents can take time to think about the questions and provide thoughtful answers.

    5. Observe & Clarify

    The moderator and client are able to login, observe the discussion, and ask respondents to clarify their comments.

  Online Focus Groups Traditional Focus Groups
Zero Travel + Worldwide Audience Applies Does Not Apply
Input From All Respondents Applies Does Not Apply
Responses Without Peer Influence Applies Does Not Apply
Multiple Concurrent Groups Applies Does Not Apply
Span Over Multiple Days Applies Does Not Apply
Real-Time Feedback Applies Applies

Key Features of ThoughtNav:


Easy access to what's important

The Topic Dashboard provides a bird's eye view of the entire discussion while the "Continue Discussion" button automatically takes users to their next available question.

Users always know where they stand with our Discussion Summary Stats.

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

One group or many, it's your choice

ThoughtNav can support up to 10 simultaneous online focus groups. This is ideal for segmenting your research study by demographic or business metric.


Advanced question controls

Questions come in three formats:

  • Standard: Operate much like a standard discussion forum where users see all responses from their peers even before responding themselves
  • Uninfluenced: Hide peer responses until a user response is submitted
  • Private: Permanently hide all peer responses so each user only sees his/her comments


Easy to Use

Responding to a question is as simple as typing your reply and hitting submit. ThoughtNav was designed from the ground up for simplicity and ease-of-use. We took the approach that our application must be as simple to comment as Facebook (minus the additional clutter). Whether you respondents are Gen X'rs or retirees, ThoughtNav is perfect for them.


Customization and messaging

Each ThoughtNav discussion provides the ability to customize the login page messaging, announcements, welcome messages, reminder emails and the message displayed at the conclusion of your project.


For more information call us at 972.646.3636 or email us at info@thoughtnav.com